Decaffeinated Coffee The Life & Times of Chuck

Decaffeinated coffee the life & times of Chuck brings you the humor in the little things in life. Small bites of laugher is essential to keep us going, otherwise life would be like a chore. Chuck dedicated his life to giving us all that little bits of humor when we needed it, on Comic strips can relay a lot of information about everything around us, and help us to learn more about ourselves through laughing at the things that we go through ourselves everyday. Designing and drawing comics take a lot of skill from the author. Not only do they have to be able to extract humor out of a certain topic that should be relatable, art skill is also necessary to bring out the humor in the subject.

So, are images more convincing than words? There is an effect that images have on the public eye. Frank Luntz was the genius who advised the use of the word ìclimate changeî instead of ìglobal warmingî, and he used clever word-smithing of professional pollsters. News from war frontlines was filtered and meticulously scripted by the government, reflecting not the horrors or realities of war, but bureaucratic agendas were served by a distorted and often idealised portrayal. Liquidity of the Internet provides live feeds of visuals that are often graphic and unmoderated. We form our own opinion of things as we see fit, and Increasingly personalised modes of visual demeanor rather than drab carbs of office. There was also recently, Condoleezzaís dominatrix getup, spawned the image of a subtly kinky Secretary Of State. More often than the word, images rule.

However, are words inferior to images then? The life and times of Chuck and Decaffeinated coffee think otherwise. Words have power, and are often more direct and concise.War photography and propaganda films, the suffering and pain we see in the images are shaped by the headlines that accompany them. Words in the headlines bring out the truth of the situation, especially in global crises. With regards to Hillaryís and Barackís looks: For every dollar that goes into what they wear, more goes into what they say. They have speech writers, campaign managers, and political consultants who help them make their message clear. Debates are held, not pictorial exchanges. The truth is in words. Words convince us in a way pictures do not. Images are prone to manipulation and their openness to interpretation, words are more able to convince people of the truth.

DC Strip covers the latest and greatest news to bring humor into our lives through strip comics.

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